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Child Support in Florida

Child Support in Florida
Author: rich smukler

The court will always place the needs of the children first in the scheme of considering divorce.  There are so many issues to be considered: Parenting Plans and Co-parenting plans, blended families, Parenting Plans, needs of children, impact on relationships, child abuse, paternity, grand-parents’ rights,  just to name a few.

Remember that unless you are able to come up with a plan during mediation, the court will exercise its’ power and create one.

The principles in The Florida Statutes Chapter 61 establish the public policy of the State of Florida in the creation of the child support guidelines. These principles are:

Child support is calculated using a prescribed formula (outlined in  Section 61.30 of the Florida Statutes).  At mediation we will use this formula (which considers each parent’s net income and the projected number of overnights the children will stay with each parent) and the guidelines chart to calculate child support.  In addition, I will ask you to consider the additional economic needs of your children (things like clothing, school supplies, and gifts to others), the cost of your children’s health insurance, uninsured/unreimbursed medical dental costs for your children, and the cost of work-related child-care.  In order to correctly calculate child support, you should remember the following:

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