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Family Law Attorney Mediator in Palm Beach County, Florida

Family Law Attorney Mediator in Palm Beach County, Florida
Author: rich smukler

Family law matters may include the dissolution of marriage, child custody and support, adoption, paternity, and parental rights issues. It is critical to have a mediator who can empathize with the emotional nature of these matters which tend to be very emotional and strenuous on the parties involved.

As a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil and Family Mediator, Rich can guide you through the often difficult and sometimes heart-wrenching pathway required in martial dissolutions. “Pre-suit, Pro se divorce mediation is a non-adversarial alternative to divorce litigation. It is a voluntary process chosen by couples that have decided to divorce, but who want to avoid the financial and emotional costs associated with retaining attorneys and litigating their disputes. A couple who chooses pre-suit divorce litigation is choosing to work together with their mediator to resolve all issues related to their divorce and separation. You will receive guidance in the preparation of The Financial Affidavit as well as the MSA (marital separation agreement).

A Parenting Plan is required in all cases involving time-sharing with minor children, even when time-sharing in not in dispute. The Plan must be developed and agreed to by the parents and approved by the court. If the parties cannot agree, or, if the agreed plan is not approved by the court, a Parenting Plan will be established by the court with or without the use of parenting plan recommendations. Parenting Class: Both parents are required to take a parenting class prior to the finalization of an entry of divorce.

Course fees vary depending on the course chosen. administrative-order/5.212 details Parent Education Course requirements. (A list of courses is available at www.mypalmbeachclerk.com.) Once the course is completed, A Certificate of Completion must be filed with the clerk.)

How do you go about scheduling a mediation?

Once you have visited our website and decided that Rich Smukler Mediation is right for your particular problem, you might wonder, what do I do next?
1. All parties to a mediation must agree to the use of the selected mediator. I am more than happy to converse with the parties beforehand to field any questions about the process of mediation, about my background or mediation style. Fee free to call or email me with any questions you might have.
2. Scheduling the mediation is extremely easy. You can either call me to check on availability or click on the calendar of the website. There is a two hour minimum requirement, though some mediations could take many hours and span several days and sessions.
3. What to expect at the end of the mediation. If we are successful in working out a satisfactory agreement, a written contract will be prepared before you leave. This document will be signed by all the parties and stand up in a court of law. I will also prepare a mediator’s report which will indicate whether the matter was settled fully, partially, or not at all, and can be filed with the Court. Feel free to call or email me with any questions you might have.

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