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Specializing in Pro se (Uncontested) Divorce - Malpractice (Legal and Medical) .



Certified by Florida Supreme Court

Rich Smukler has litigated, mediated or arbitrated thousands of cases over the years.

I am here to help you with your Pre-suit, Pro se (Uncontested) Divorce Mediation. It is a voluntary process chosen by couples that have decided to divorce, but who want to avoid the financial and emotional costs associated with retaining attorneys and litigating their disputes. With a deep appreciation for the nuances of civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution, I promise to mediate your case with integrity and compassion. I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit Mediator, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, and Qualified Advanced Arbitrator, among other certifications. Licensed to practice law for almost forty years, I am extremely proud to be AV rated PREEMINENT® by Martindale-Hubbell® for the highest level of professional Excellence. Video-conferencing is available through Zoom technology during these difficult times. Please call with any questions.



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Practice Areas

Mediation and arbitration services are available Monday through Friday. Evening start times
and weekends are available by special request.

Business Lawyer Mediator

Business Lawyer Mediator in Palm Beach County, Florida

Litigation Attorney Mediator

Litigation Attorney Mediator in Palm Beach County, Florida

Family Law Attorney Mediator

Family Law Attorney Mediator in Palm Beach County, Florida

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Richard Smukler Can Help

I have arbitrated and mediated thousands of cases since 1972 in both Pennsylvania and Florida. AV peer rated PREEMINENT® by Martindale-Hubbell®. Certified Circuit Civil & Family Mediator (video conferencing with zoom technology, remote online notarization and e-signing)

Rich Smukler offers mediation services to clients living in and around Palm Beach County, Florida.

He is a past Special Assistant Attorney General and trial lawyer with an extensive understanding of the legal system and how alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods can help those involved in legal disputes.

Rich Smukler is a:

His mediation experience includes family law, business law, and litigation (including Legal & Medical Malpractice) ...

Why Choose Mediation?
Because Rich has seen legal issues play out as both a lawyer and a mediator, he knows how beneficial ADR methods like mediation can be. Keeping legal issues outside of the courtroom saves money, time, and frustration.

Mediation is a private method of dispute resolution that brings parties together to discuss potential outcomes. The mediator has no authority to issue a ruling. The parties involved in the dispute are in complete control and participate voluntarily. They have the option to walk away at any time, but the mediator works with them to understand the potential ramifications of turning their legal issue over to the court system.

Mediators facilitate respectful and productive communication about the issue at hand. They help parties explore potential resolutions and discuss the pros and cons of these outcomes. They assist with negotiations and help parties stay focused on the issue at hand.

Mediation is less formal than litigation. It takes less time and is almost always less expensive. It is confidential, which means parties are free to discuss their concerns without worry that anything will become a matter of public record, as it would in the courtroom.

Why Choose Rich Smukler?
Rich is an experienced mediator familiar with a variety of legal fields. He not only understands the benefits of mediation, but he is also able to assist clients in using mediation to resolve many different legal issues.

If you would like to know more about mediation or you are ready to schedule a consultation with Rich, contact him at 561-866-1688.


What Our Clients Says


I was very impressed with Rich as a mediator. Rich has mediated three cases for me. In each case, my clients and I were extremely satisfied with his professionalism, expertise, and his ability to overcome extreme adversity among the parties. Rich practiced civil litigation for over 30 years. He applies that knowledge with laser accuracy in assisting the parties to try and reach a fair resolution of their dispute. He is a quick learn in very complex areas of the law. I rate Rich 5 Stars as a mediator/arbitrator! David M. Garten, Esq.


I have known Richard Smukler since we were law school class mates and study group members; in other words our entire professional careers spanning nearly 5 decades. His most impressive characteristic is his level, quiet disposition and willingness to listen to both sides of an argument prior to expressing his opinion, which has always been based on his understanding of the facts rather than a predisposition to a forced disposition. His approach to problem solving has always been predicated upon a calm, sober understanding of the critical factors setting aside the pomp presentation of the advocates. His skill in reaching a consensus among the parties has been demonstrated in the length and density of his successes as a mediator.


As a busy litigator, it is important to know which mediators are good and work with you to get a case settled. Know. Rich is an excellent mediator and I recommend him highly.


I have known Rich for many years going all the way back to when he was practicing law in Philadelphia. He had an excellent, well-earned, reputation in Philadelphia as a true professional. As a business owner in the Philadelphia area, I never hesitated to call Rich for legal advice as his advice was always to the point and sound. Coincidently, both of us have been residents of South Florida for well beyond 20 years. During that time, whenever necessary, I have consulted with Rich for any legal advice I may have needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Rich as a mediator as he has all the necessary qualities such as knowledge, legal skills, sound judgment, a great sense of fairness, and most of all years of experience, – if anyone has seen it all it would most certainly be Rich Smukler.


The knowledge, professionalism and empathy displayed by Mr. Smukler during a recent mediation was second to none. Should a mediation be required in the future, he is, without a doubt, my first call and choice.


I have been working with Richard Smukler for 8 yrs and have the utmost respect for the way he conducts business. If Professionalism, Respect and Results are what you are looking for, Look No Further.


Rich Smukler is a competent and trustworthy mediator and a good people person. He is knowledgeable with the law and does well getting all parties to consider opposing positions. He is not a messenger.


Very experienced and knowledgeable. He picks up complex legal issues quickly which enables him to get to the heart of a matter without wasting time. He’s also patient with the parties and is adept at getting them to work together.


I have known Richard Smukler for over 40 years. He has always demonstrated the upmost integrity and dedication. It would be hard to find a better, more unbiased person, to act as a mediator for any matter you place before him. You will be able to trust him, and I am confident you will be pleased with the results.


There’s one word to describe my experience with Richard: GREAT! Totally professional in his advocacy representing me. Should you need the services of a seasoned mediator, don’t hesitate to hire him.


I have had the privilege of knowing Richard Smukler for a number of years on a personal and professional level and could not recommend him more for mediation services. He is a seasoned litigator with an incredible capability to empathize with all involved parties. He is extremely bright, intelligent, a tremendously hard worker and goes the extra mile on all his engagements. On a personal level, Richard is a very congenial character. He is witty, good natured, moralistic and trustworthy person and his legal background is beyond compare. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you’d like additional details.


I have worked with Rich over the past several years and task him with my mediations every chance I get. Not only is he fair and impartial but exceptionally personable. It is rare to leave a mediation in which at least one side is not happy but with Rich it is totally the opposite, everyone leaves with a great attitude. That says a lot about his abilities.


I have known Richard for many years, and have always found him to be well versed in the field of law, and extremely able to take on the most complicated tasks. You will be hard-pressed to find a more competent mediator for your matters. You can deal with Richard in complete confidence that your matters will be handled well.


We were referred to Rich for mediation of a difficult and, what I thought was an unsettleable case. Rich created the perfect atmosphere for negotiation and got all sides to agree to some preliminary steps which eventually, months later, led to a settlement. I don’t think it would have happened without Rich’s ability to educate both sides on the position and emotions of the other party.


Rich conducted our Court ordered mediation. He was both empathetic and strong in his approach. It was a very difficult case that was set for trial and both sides dug their heels in. I did not expect a resolution through mediation but Rich’s persistence got it done. I would recommend Rich if you are looking for a dedicated and devoted mediator.


Rich recently handled a mediation for us involving one defendant who was pro se. He was strong, professional, amiable and conscientious. He was able to get a case that I though had a limited chance of getting resolved settled. I would definitely use him again.


Rich is a consummate professional and skilled mediator. He has great instincts that help synthesize the mediation process and bring the case to settlement. In short, Rich is a closer and I highly recommend him!

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