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Pre-Suit Mediation: A Winning Strategy

As advertised, Pre suit mediation is both a cost-effective and time-efficient method to move your case to a successful conclusion.  Consider the alternative. You get your ducks in order, file suit, engage in time-consuming and expensive discovery, only to eventually have your trial Judge order the case down for mediation anyway! Why not cut short some of these steps?

If opposing counsel is willing, before filing suit, ask for a neutral mediator to help you try to resolve your case. You can even exchange documents and conduct statements for mediation purposes only. If you are not successful, you have had the opportunity to see your adversary’s cards, prepare your case for trial (if needed), develop a working relationship with opposing counsel, and assess the quality of your opponent’s witnesses.

Pre-Suit Mediation is confidential (as with your standard mediation), as opposed to litigation which is of public record.

 Florida Statutes 44.406

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