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Rich Smukler Mediation

Rich Smukler offers mediation services to clients living in and around Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

He is a past Special Assistant Attorney General and trial lawyer with an extensive understanding of the legal system and how alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods can help those involved in legal disputes.

Rich Smukler is a:

His mediation  experience includes  family lawbusiness law, and litigation.

Why Choose Mediation?
Because Rich has seen legal issues play out as both a lawyer and a mediator, he knows how beneficial ADR methods like mediation can be. Keeping legal issues outside of the courtroom saves money, time, and frustration.

Mediation is a private method of dispute resolution that brings parties together to discuss potential outcomes. The mediator has no authority to issue a ruling. The parties involved in the dispute are in complete control and participate voluntarily. They have the option to walk away at any time, but the mediator works with them to understand the potential ramifications of turning their legal issue over to the court system.

Mediators facilitate respectful and productive communication about the issue at hand. They help parties explore potential resolutions and discuss the pros and cons of these outcomes. They assist with negotiations and help parties stay focused on the issue at hand.

Mediation is less formal than litigation. It takes less time and is almost always less expensive. It is confidential, which means parties are free to discuss their concerns without worry that anything will become a matter of public record, as it would in the courtroom.

Why Choose Rich Smukler?
Rich is an experienced mediator familiar with a variety of legal fields. He not only understands the benefits of mediation, but he is also able to assist clients in using mediation to resolve many different legal issues.

If you would like to know more about mediation or you are ready to schedule a consultation with Rich, contact him at 561-866-1688.

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